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The Australasian Conveyancing Group is a group of member and affiliated private
Conveyancing Practices in all states of Australia and New Zealand

Wockner Lawyers - Quensland Conveyancers & Gold Coast Conveyancers

Conveyancing Brisbane
Business & Property Conveyancer Queensland
Conveyancing Solicitors Offices in Brisbane & the Gold Coast

For Brisbane Conveyancing enquiries, such as conveyancing costs Qld., quotes or general inquiries where the Property is in Queensland, or to contact conveyancing solicitors Brisbane or the Gold Coast, please contact:-

Conveyancing Brisbane: Wockner Lawyers - Quensland Conveyancers & Gold Coast Conveyancers
Nelson Wockner LL.B. (QUT) Principal, Lawyer - Conveyancing Solicitor Brisbane & Gold Coast Queensland

Nelson Wockner
Lawyer - Solicitor

Wockner Lawyers (

P: 1300 600 536 F: 1300 980 536
P: 07 5679 0070 F: 07 5564 5003
Postal Address: PO Box 8026 Gold Coast MC Qld 9726

Street Address: GOLD COAST
Level 1, 2 Elkhorn Avenue
Surfers Paradise Qld 4217

Street Address: BRISBANE
Level 18, 333 Ann Street Brisbane Qld 4000

Member firms of the Australasian Conveyancing Group represent the highest echelon of specialist qualifications, experience, ethics, service standards and are committed to providing premium conveyancing services for all real estate property including subdivisions and small business in Australia and New Zealand. Some members and affiliates also provide general Property Consultancy for both Real Estate and Small Business Conveyancing.

Don't waste your time filling out tedious online forms and waiting for poorly trained unqualified junior staff to email you back with the wrong answers. Pick up the phone and call toll free to speak to a local Qualified Conveyancer in your home State right now on 1300 ACG ACG (1300 224 224).

Do you want to calculate applicable Stamp Duty & Settlement Costs? If so, you can use our Stamp Duty & Settlement Cost Calculator.

Telephone: 1300 ACG ACG / 1300 224 224
(VIC, NT, WA, QLD, NSW & TAS only.)

(NZ cannot use Australian 1300 numbers, sorry!)

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