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Australasian Conveyancing Group - Providing Premium Conveyancing Services to Australia and New Zealand

Australasian Conveyancing Group

Premium Property Conveyancing for Australia and New Zealand

The Australasian Conveyancing Group is a group of member and affiliated private
Conveyancing Practices in all states of Australia and New Zealand

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Member firms of the Australasian Conveyancing Group represent the highest echelon of specialist qualifications, experience, ethics, service standards and are committed to providing premium conveyancing services for all real estate property sales including subdivisions and small business in Australia and New Zealand. Our Melbourne office, Stonnington Conveyancing, also provides Buyers Advocacy services in Melbourne. Some members and affiliates also provide Buyers Advocacy and general Property Consultancy for both Real Estate and Small Business Conveyancing.


As laws for real estate property and business conveyancing vary across the Australian states and New Zealand, please go to the relevant section of this web site by selecting the property or business location from the menu above or from the list below.

For Premium Business & Property Conveyancing, go to your region by clicking the appropriate link below:

Australian Institute of Conveyancers Logo - Click to go to their site.  Business & Real Estate Conveyancing in the A.C.T. Business & Real Estate Conveyancing South Australia
 Business & Real Estate Conveyancing New South Wales Business & Real Estate Conveyancing Tasmania
 Business & Real Estate Conveyancing New Zealand Business & Real Estate Conveyancing Victoria
 Business & Real Estate Conveyancing Northern Territory Business & Real Estate Conveyancing Western Australia
 Business & Real Estate Conveyancing Queensland  

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Disclaimer: The information provided on this web-site and related pages is for use as a guide only and no liability is taken or implied. Please contact the relevant office of the Australasian Conveyancing Group for specific advice in your matter.

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