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Stonnington Conveyancing is a member of the Australasian Conveyancing Group.
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Stonnington Conveyancing Staff

Stonnington Conveyancing is a member of the Australasian Conveyancing Group.

Stonnington Conveyancing, as a member firm of the Australasian Conveyancing Group, represents the highest echelon of specialist qualifications, experience, ethics, service standards and is committed to providing premium conveyancing services for all real estate property including subdivisions and development in Victoria. Stonnington Conveyancing also provides General Property Consultancy for a broad range of Real Estate and Property issues.

Garvin Periera, Conveyancer Garvin Pereira

Diploma of Financial Services (Conveyancing)

Garvin has been involved in the Conveyancing and Settlements profession since 1985 when he cut his teeth at the old State Bank Victoria / CBA for 14 years, followed by a further 9 years at ANZ, and 2 years at a CBD law firm.

In addition, Garvin's father is a (now retired) Solicitor and Garvin assisted his Dad on his Property files for many years.

Garvin finally decided it was time to do properly what he's been helping others do for years. Once he successfully completed his studies and graduated from Swinburne, the role at Stonnington Conveyancing seemed the perfect opportunity to transition from the bank/lender side of Settlements to looking after private client's needs - and learn from one of the leaders in the field.

Buying a new home can be pretty stressful. Garvin's calm demeanor and desire to go the extra mile to get great results for clients are critical facets to have - and a good match for Stonnington Conveyancing. The end result must always be as favourable and stress free as possible for the client.

Keeping a cool head is a necessity, especially when coordinating sometimes very complex settlements, when constantly busy, and ensuring no one walks away until everyone is happy!

Garvin was born in Sri Lanka and his family migrated here when he was 4 years old, in 1970.

Even though he has a soft spot for the land of his birth, you'll still see him barracking for the Aussies when it comes to Cricket! As for AFL, his allegiances lie with North Melbourne and Garvin proudly says he's a supporter who's seen every North Melbourne Grand Final victory… so far.

To e-mail Garvin direct, click here.

Paul Garson, A.A.I.C., M.R.E.I., Registered Conveyancer Paul Garson  A.A.I.C., M.R.E.I.,

Licensed Certified Practicing Conveyancer (Vic.)
Govt. Registered Conveyancer (S.A.)

Paul Garson is the Principal of Stonnington Conveyancing.

Paul graduated in 1988, in South Australia, the birthplace of the "Torrens Title System" and the best place in the known universe to learn all about Conveyancing!

Upon graduation, Paul was nominated for the prestigious "Jack Sinclair Medal" for overall course achievement, having obtained Distinctions over four years in all subjects bar one, where a Credit was achieved.

After establishing the Adelaide office in 1989, Paul moved to Melbourne in 2000 and started Stonnington Conveyancing.

With great help from his excellent staff at Stonnington Conveyancing, the practice has grown to market prominence, leading the specialist conveyancing marketplace, especially in the Stonnington and Boroondara Council areas.

Paul is also a respected member of the Council of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers (Victorian Division).

Paul personally prepares most of the Vendor Sale documents (Section 32 statements and contracts) for our Vendor clients, as it is Paul's firm belief that a lot of the problems sometimes experienced on our Purchaser files stem from "sloppy" vendor work, such as ambiguous drafting of conditions and failure to search and disclose properly.

Paul also has a special interest and expertise in subdivisional and development work.

Lastly, whilst Paul absolutely loves living in Melbourne, he remains proudly South Australian and has been a Port Adelaide fan for over 30 years (Port Magpies and now also Port Power)!

To e-mail Paul direct, click here.

Christine Donateo, Conveyancer Christine Donateo A.A.I.C.,

Senior Conveyancer
Associate of Aust. Institute of Conveyancers

Christine handled her first conveyancing file approximately 20 years ago!

Christine is a very experienced Senior Conveyancer, yet she retains youthful vitality and a treasured sense of humour.

We also highly value Christine's cool head and calm manner at Stonnington Conveyancing - tremendous characteristics for a conveyancer to have, when settlement is minutes away, your removals van is idling in your new driveway and one of the banks is missing an essential document!

Christine takes pride in doing her job so well!

Lastly, Christine is a true Victorian, an avid Western Bulldogs fan and thinks that Ted Whitten was, and still is, a true legend of the game!

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